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Please let us know how we did on your recovery. Give a shout and we will see you on the trail. Be Safe.
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Gary Palumbo said:   May 2, 2016 7:40 pm PST
I've enjoyed watching you guys online, good stuff!

Drew Wentz said:   April 13, 2016 7:13 am PST
Thanks for all you help Joe when we needed it the most. Long story short we were just at Country Thunder and it rained on Sunday and we were leaving to go home on Monday. We waited most of the day to let things dry out but that wasn't enough. So here comes Joe cruising thru the camp grounds helping everyone out and he instantly gave us a hand. Joe, a couple friends of mine and me worked on getting my 45k rig out of the mud. Joe ended up breaking a spade that he sticks into the ground to keep his truck into place but we weren't done. Joe has a lot of experience in what he does and he's a hard/ smart worker. After about an hour we got it out and we were on our way. Thanks again Joe and I can't thank you enough.

Josh Miller said:   March 17, 2016 9:59 am PST
We came across Joe in Box Canyon when I was limping out with a broken front axle tube. We didn't need him at the time, but he offered to help. Our second encounter was a broke Jeep at Sheep's Bridge. Joe ventured out with a mechanic and we were underway in no time. It seems Joe has never had a bad day and we at Sonoran Trails appreciate and value what he brings to the table when things go...wrong! Best - Josh Miller/Sonoran Trails

Dave said:   February 20, 2016 4:22 pm PST
Fireman alley sycamore creek, busted front and rear drive shaft and then engine fire in 83 K5 blazer. Stuck in the most horrific place Ina very very steep hill with deep rivets. Joe made the recovery look like child's play. Seasoned pro recovery and tow. Pics and video going on Facebook shortly.

Jesse Summers said:   February 19, 2016 6:59 am PST
Absolutely the best service I've ever received. I'm young with a truck that's two wheel drive, so you can only imagine all the dumb situations I get myself into, and Joe has been there to get me out of a pinch twice now! Even came and picked me up from my house and drove me all the way out to my truck when I got stuck the night before. If you ever find your self in a sticky, muddy, wet, sandy or all around crappy situation with your truck, trust me, this truck can get to you. And Joe will be more than happy to come retrieve you! Some of the best service I've ever received.

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