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Please let us know how we did on your recovery. Give a shout and we will see you on the trail. Be Safe.
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Chris Austin said:   February 4, 2015 6:24 am PST
Got my 35' class A motorhome stuck in the sand of Johnson Valley at KOH. Joe and crew were there before I could even get out and see what I had done. We unhooked my 16' enclosed cargo trailer, got it out of the way and Joe proceeded to pull me back out of the hole I had dug. Can't say enough about how nice and quick they got me going again. Thank you Joe and crew for being there. Desert people are great people!!

Stephani Bestland said:   January 18, 2015 8:31 am PST
This entire team that Joe has is amazing. They got our jeep out of a 200' revene and we don't have any extra damage then what was already there because of their wonderful techniques that they use. We recommended them to everyone and are always sharing their Facebook page! This is a great bunch of people!!

Kyron said:   December 22, 2014 6:39 am PST
Joe came to my rescue after breaking on a very hard trail at Table Mesa and was able to negotiate up and down some very steep hills while winching me up!! Then my steering knuckle sheared off once we made it to a main dirt road. Without Joes help and expertise my rock crawler would still be stuck on the trail... Thanks again!

Sheri said:   October 27, 2014 7:58 am PST
Had a difficult time finding someone to recover our Razor but, Joe came to my rescue as soon as I called. Great service & pricing. I'll definitely call him again and highly recommend him if you ever find yourself stuck! Great job Joe!!!

Lucas Powell said:   September 20, 2014 3:18 pm PST
Enough can not be said for the level of professionalism and quality they provided. They rescued my Tacoma during my bachelor party at the Coke Ovens. They charged me a very fair price but went above and beyond what you would expect from a tow service. Even after they got my truck out, they offered additional service. I will praise them to everyone I know and continue to spread positive reviews for this group of guys. Thank you far everything you did.

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