From dirt bike, quad, UTV or full size 4x4 vehicles. Even downed Aircraft and Water recovery's.
No matter what it is or where it is we can get you and your equipment out. Lost and need help finding your way home we can assist. Our team can help you. Our TEAM has also been involved in many Search & Rescues in AZ. If you are looking for a lost friend or loved one call us right away to help
Arizona 4 X 4  Off Road Recovery
Get to know us... 
Joe Osuch is the owner of this unique operation. 
- 41 years of experience in off road navigation. 
- Over 25 years in the towing industry and off road recovery
- Knowledge of the terrain of the valley and beyond

You can be assured your vehicle will be handled in a professional manner. Joe's  skills and customer service background make him advantageous to any recovery, to assist with your onsite needs.

The best and most qualified team of experts in the industry.
100% Success Rate
We have Never failed on any recovery. We stay until the recovery is complete. 


Experienced Recoveries with...
- Forest Service
- Sheriff Dept.
- Union Pacific Railroad
- Farmers Ins Co
- AllState 
- Geico
- Progressive
- VJC Jeep Club
- AllOffRoad AZ Club
- K5Blazer Club
- and many others
Also host to several Club runs...
Volunteer for...
- "W4W" Wheelers 4 Warriors

- "TRAL" Tonto Recreational Alliance board member

- Search and Rescue for the lost or missing
Have helped many off roaders in Arizona and California and will be there to help you. 
Hundreds of recoveries with a 100% success rate using that knowledge to help you.
Ask in the 4x4 community and you will find Joe of AZ 4x4 Offroad Recovery is the best in helping others in need..
Perri Bachini, Master Mechanic and owner of Perri's German Autobahn is also a great
trail mechanic.
experience with many AZ trails
- trail repairs
- asset to any recovery 

David C., environmental clean up specialist and map and navigation expert. 
- quick and safe routes of recovery coordinator
Gypsy Dave, base of operations monitor.
- Handles all communication between team and others making sure everyone gets home safely

Carl Girade , Expert photographerand and drone operator Expert in Navigation and GPS locating.. 
Carl is on many of my recovery's now.